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Dismissal and Drop Off Procedures

New Dismissal and Drop Off Procedures for Kate Goodrich Starting Monday, November 27th students will change the location where they are loading/unloading busses and car riders are picking up and dropping off. All car riders, will be picked up and dropped off in the front of the building. Car riders brought home car tags today that need to be placed on the dash of your car where they are visible to staff when pulling around to pick up your students.  If you need additional car tags, please contact the school office (715) 536-5233 and we will gladly make more for your family. Students will be called outside and get into cars on the passenger side.  We ask that you plan ahead and have an area cleared for your students so they do not have to enter traffic when getting into the car. Bus riders will load and unload in the playground area both morning and afternoon.  Students will line up in the library and be checked off attendance list and walked to the busses. Please be patient as the onset of this new process will take a little longer, but will soon speed up once everyone learns the new process. Thank you for helping us put student safety first. ...

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